In its beginnings, in 1984, the conservatory depended on the Board of Trustees of the Provincial Council of Ourense and the Government Subdelegation. Later, in 1991, the management passed entirely to the Exmo. Municipality of Carballiño. It should be noted that both in the municipality and in the region there are no centers with the same characteristics. Although it is true that in the neighboring municipalities there are various groups (traditional groups, choirs, etc.) and unregulated study centers.

In its beginnings, its teaching activity was carried out in various locations where a concession was obtained, such as the Calvo Sotelo School, the Vila do Arenteiro School or the Chamoso Lamas Institute, until November 29, 2005, the date on which it was definitively established. the conservatory in its current building (rúa Tras Estación debús, s.n.). The conservatory shares space with the “Manuel María” Carballiño Auditorium, which is used for the center’s activities: classes, auditions, courses, seminars, etc.

It currently offers official Elementary and Professional Degree studies. At the same time, it has a music school. Their training covers the closest regions, although sometimes we also have students from other areas of the province.

Contact channels:

Education Area of Carballiño Council
Praza Maior, 1 (2nd floor)
32500 – O Carballiño (Ourense)

988 53 00 07 (Ext.: 327) / 662 19 76 65

Hours of operation:
From Monday to Friday (9:00h – 14:00h)